How to Use the OOO Email to Set Boundaries (Even When You’re Not OOO) | Ep. 150

In this episode, Amy shares her #1 tip for setting email boundaries that empower you to take control of your time (and save your sanity!) 

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(4:17) Struggling with time management in your inbox?

Amy wants to know! First, screenshot the pod while you listen! Then tag Amy on Instagram in your story to let her know if you struggle with time management in your email inbox.

(5:40) Find more time by “abandoning” your email

Amy references Tim Ferris's book The 4-Hour Work Week to craft your perfect out-of-office automated email!

(9:57) Dealing with unexpected deadlines

Amy dives into the huge misconception of the “unexpected deadline” and expresses the urgent response when it comes to emailing others back.

(12:17) Why should we care about email boundaries?

Amy shares a mindset switch to help you create more boundaries in your email and stay focused on set tasks.

(15:09) How to craft your perfect OOO message

Amy offers her tips for writing your own “out-of-office” tagline: the do's, the don'ts, and everything in between. Don't forget to provide clear communication on who to contact instead!

(20:50) You CAN do this!

Amy reassures that you are allowed to have an automated response email, especially if you own your own business. Break the boundary of responding right away (it was set on accident by stereotypes anyway!)

(22:12) Managing your expectations

Amy expresses the importance of utilizing this tool even if you are still checking your email multiple times a day. Articulate the boundary! This gives you the opportunity to make it look like you are going above and beyond for your clients.

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