The Biggest Misconception About Winning | Ep. 149

In this episode, Amy sets the record straight on a common cliché and unpacks how to really win in your life!

(3:20) What does winning mean to you?

Amy wants to know! First, screenshot the pod while you listen! Then tag Amy on Instagram in your story to let her know what winning means to YOU.

(4:48) The cliché that has it all wrong…

Amy reads a passage from Tim Grover's book Winning to tackle one of the biggest (and most incorrect) clichés about winning.

(7:15) Showing up VS. Showing the work

Amy dives into the huge misconception of “showing up” and why it isn't all we make it out to be.

(10:51) What the battle really entails…

If showing up isn't half the battle, what does it take to really win? Amy shares a mindset switch you need to make in order to create real progress.

(15:09) Starting matters, but it isn't the whole battle.

Amy offers advice on how to cut through the fluff of “showing up” and start doing the work that will make a difference.

(18:01) How to start winning (for real this time)

Amy explains what winning means to her, and how you can celebrate your wins without getting sidetracked by a false idea of winning.

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