An Exercise to Help You Feel Better | Ep. 148

In this episode, Amy leads you through a reflective exercise to rewire negative emotions and orient yourself towards a better “emotional home”.

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Using “the emotional home” as a tool for mindset

Reading Reco: Ed Mylett's The Power of One More

Amy explains the concept of “the emotional home” from Ed Mylett's latest book The Power of One More and details how it can impact various areas of your life.

Step #1: Choose one area of your life

EXAMPLES: Career, relationships, spirituality, wealth, mindset, legacy, or health.

Amy advises you to pick just one area of your life that's bugging you or bringing you down. There might be several you can think of but just start with the one that's weighing on you or feeding you negative emotions.

Step #2: Identify your “emotional home” in that area

EXAMPLES: Guilt, fear, anxiety, boredom, lack of motivation.

Next, ask yourself: What is the typical emotion I'm living in within this area of my life? What negative emotions are you often experiencing?

Step #3: How do you WISH you felt?

EXAMPLES: The opposite of “guilt” could be feeling proud, or the opposite of “uninspired” could be feeling elated.

Amy asks you to consider how you WISH you felt in this area. If you could move out of this emotional home into a better one: What feelings would you like to experience? Consider what the opposite emotions would be from what you're currently feeling.

Step #4: Decide what you'll STOP doing

EXAMPLE: If I'm feeling negative about my financials, I'll stop paying for subscriptions I don't use.

If we're starting in a negative space, we must change our actions to get to the positive place we're wishing for. Amy guides you to pinpoint what you'll stop doing that will keep you in a new positive space.

#5: Decide what you'll START doing

EXAMPLE: I'm going to do a 10-minute workout every day so I can grow my confidence in building a routine.

Amy shares the practice of her “win list” and how that contributes to a better emotional home. As you commit to new actions, make sure they are small and attainable.

Step #6: Spend 5 minutes visualizing the feelings you want

Amy expands on how visualizing the exact feeling you want to feel can transform your emotional home. Instead of just picturing your goals, immerse yourself in the feelings you'd feel as though you've already achieved them.

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