37 Rules for Life | Ep. 147

In the kickoff to Season 9 (and as a special birthday ep!) Amy shares 37 rules for life including her personal commandments, mindset hacks, and life advice!

Scroll to skim Amy's 12 personal commandments (shoutout to Gretchen Rubin for that concept!) and 25 more nuggets of wisdom she's picked up along the way. Listen below for more deets on each one!

(0:55) Life Update | Babies, Birthdays, & Season 9!

Amy addresses the reason for the unconventional end to Season 8 and the arrival of baby girl Bianca! Plus, Amy celebrates turning 37 years old today by sharing her 37 rules for life!

(4:03) Amy's 12 Personal Commandments

If you want a refresher on these first 12 commandments, tune in to Ep. 64 of Detail Therapy!

#1 Be here now.

#2 Control the controllable.

#3 Take your time.

#4 It's either hell yes…or no.

#5 No scorekeeping.

#6 Response over reaction.

#7 Sharpie your calendar.

#8 Stop romanticizing.

#9 Act the way you want to feel.

10 Take up space.

#11 No Ex's (Excuses, Explaining, Expectations)

#12 Yes, and…

(14:02) 25 More Rules for Life!

#13 Drink water first.

#14 Be mindful whenever you say “I am…”.

#15 Read non-fiction every day.

#16 Keep a short win list and get it done.

#17 Stay fresh with skincare and sunscreen.

#18 Don't be late. But if you're going to, arrive safely.

#19 “Sorry” is not a helpful filler word.

#20 Genuine apologies don't come with “but” or “if”.

#21 Be a good listener without relying on your words.

#22 Pay your taxes happily.

#23 Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday.

#24 There's no need to be brutal, but be honest.

#25 Move your body.

#26 Do not parent someone you're not a parent of.

#27 Take pleasure without the guilt.

#28 Love unconditionally to receive love unconditionally.

#29 Practice. Practice. Practice.

#30 Focus on the one thing that makes you extraordinary and let the rest go.

#31 Have the glass of wine.

#32 Build the biggest building without needing to tear down others'.

#33 Go to the dentist.

#34 If you want to do what everyone else is doing, have a very good reason why.

#35 Don't fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing.

#36 Emulate who you want to be.

#37 There are no rules. Grow the f*ck up.

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