The Biggest Mistake Influencers Are Making With Their Business | Ep. 143

In this episode, Amy sheds light on how you can build your business as an influencer WITHOUT making these crucial mistakes!

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(3:04) What's the deal with “influencing”?

Amy offers insight on her background in influencer work as a Youtuber and other essential tidbits you may not know!

(11:43) Mistake #1: Assuming that signing with a company will make your life easier + more profitable

You don't need a talent company in order to simplify your work OR make more money. This is a common mistake when you're overwhelmed as a creator, but signing with a company isn't the solution.

(16:54) The solution is NOT to give away 20% of your revenue

You don't need to be exclusive to a talent company in order to make money as an influencer. You can build your business without an agent—you just need support and organization in the right places.

(19:20) Mistake #2: Hiring an assistant & failing to train them well

If you get an assistant and believe they'll solve all your problems right away, it's easy to end up frustrated or even more overwhelmed. If they aren't properly trained, they won't be able to succeed.

(20:49) The Influencer's Assistant Course

Amy has an idea that could solve this problem for you: an influencer assistant course dedicated to properly training assistants and team members so you can build your business without giving away revenue.

If overwhelm and disorganization are your problems, hiring a manager is not the ultimate solution (but they'll charge you as if they are!). The solution is to build a team culture that supports you—and it can start with just one well-trained assistant.

(25:03) SURVEY | Would you be interested in The Influencer's Assistant training course?

Amy wants to know! Would you take (or assign your assistant to take) a course on how to manage and build your influencer business?


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