Detaching Self-Worth From Productivity | Q&A | Ep. 142

In this episode, Amy's answering your questions about self-worth, productivity in pregnancy, what to do when you feel lost, and more!

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(3:42) Productivity tips while pregnant or a new mom?

Amy gives her real-talk answer about how she plans to be productive with a child! (Spoiler: Productivity isn't always about doing.) You don't have to be a parent to use these go-to tips!

(12:20) How to avoid putting your self-worth into performance-based tasks?

Amy guides you through how to begin detaching your self-worth from your performance or productivity. Most ambitious people relate to this bad habit of attaching our worth to the work we produce, but we can break that habit and headspace when we do the inner work.

(18:24) Tips for staying productive while working from home?

Amy shares some validation before diving into this question and then offers her thoughts on boundaries while working from home and treating yourself with self-love when it comes to your energy level and health.

(23:06) Do you have a new morning routine?

Amy gives some insight into how her morning routine has changed during pregnancy, what essentials she's kept in her morning, and what habits she's put on pause for now.

(30:05) How to deal with cyberbullies?

Amy gives her thoughts on handling cyberbullying, from the perspective of someone who has put much of her life and face out onto the internet for over ten years.

(38:42) What to do when you feel lost in life?

Amy focuses on how gratitude can ground us in moments where we feel lost, and how the stories we tell ourselves influence the mindset we live in each day.

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