Mindset Mistakes We Think Will Protect Us (But Are Doing the Opposite!) | Ep. 141

In this episode, Amy unpacks some crucial mindset mistakes and how to shift these stories to support you rather than stifle you!

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(4:15) Mindset Mistake #1: Consistently Reflecting on Our Fears

We often think that the more we reflect on our fear, the more we are able to avoid heading down the wrong direction in life. While that's a valid tendency, when you're so consumed with what you don't want you will end up leaving less room for what you do want.

SELF-LOVE SWITCH UP: Catch the thought of the fear and have a new mantra ready.

(12:48) Mindset Mistake #2: Preparing ComebacksJust in Case!

We all experience the temptation to be a verbal ninja whenever someone criticizes us, embarrasses us, or just makes us look stupid. This is merely a protection ploy that attempts to control the uncontrollable. Correct YOUR perception.

SELF-LOVE SWITCH UP: Acknowledge what happened, acknowledge the person, and leave it there.

(20:16) Mindset Mistake #3: Assuming You Can't Start Something New

When we don't know the right steps to start something new, we fear that we're going to make mistakes or waste time. The reality is that mistakes will always happen, and they're the only way to figure out the right steps.

SELF-LOVE SWITCH UP: I can do small steps to start.

(26:14) Mindset Mistake #4: Not Making a Decision

Especially when it comes to important decisions, we can think that procrastination protects us from any potential bad consequences. Indecision isn't the solution—the solution is the confidence that you can handle the product of your decisions.

SELF-LOVE SWITCH UP: Make the decision and embrace both the positive and negative consequences.

(31:36) Mindset Mistake #5: Believing You're Not Enough

Do you believe you aren't doing enough? Do you feel like you won't amount to enough? This protection ploy looks at our past experience for reference, when in reality our past is past. Our potential is right in front of us, and it's not dependent on what we do.

SELF-LOVE SWITCH UP: I am already enough.


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