Stop Saying Sorry, Do This Instead! | Ep. 140

In this episode, Amy gets into the details about how to stop saying sorry (when you really don't need to!) and what to START saying instead.

(2:50) We don't need to be sorry (…because we're not actually sorry!)

The word “sorry” has been so thrown around that it's more of a filler word than a genuine expression of apology. We use it (probably without realizing) to offer explanations, to seem accommodating, and to excuse ourselves unnecessarily. What can we do instead to break this bad habit?

(7:42) #1 “Sorry to bother you…”

Amy dives into the classic phrase, “Sorry to bother you…” and offers some alternatives! We usually use this one when we feel like we're interrupting or intruding on someone's time or space, but there are so many other ways to confirm if someone is available to speak to you.

(8:41) #2 “Sorry” for an awkward moment…

It's going to happen. We'll stand a little too close, bump into each other, or occasionally share an awkward moment with a stranger due to close quarters or other circumstances. But do we really need to apologize for this kind of accidental occurrence?

(9:26) #3 “Sorry for not getting back to you…”

How often do we start our emails or phone calls with this? A lot. How often are we actually that sorry? Not…really…that often. Plus, not a great way to start an interaction. You have the right not to respond immediately, and even if something slips through the cracks, save the sorry for when you actually mean it.

(10:59) #4 “Sorry I couldn't be there for you…”

If you aren't able to make a certain event or special occasion, remember that it is an invitation more than an obligation. There are so many ways to express your appreciation for the invite, offer your best wishes to them, and resist putting needless focus on yourself.

(12:19) #5 “Sorry” before asking for clarification…

Whether you're a student, an employee, or in any other position asking for clarity—there's no need to apologize! You deserve the explanation you need. Plus, it's the job of whoever is leading you to do just that: lead you effectively.

(13:44) #6 “Sorry” for an inconvenience…

“So sorry the parking is so hard to find!” “So sorry there was so much traffic!” “So sorry for all these emails!” If you're inviting someone to a party or prepping for an exciting launch, drop the “sorrys” that come before the super awesome thing you're about to do. Offer appreciation instead.

(15:41) #7 “Sorry I'm late!

Amy gives her thoughts on this extremely common phrase, and why it's really not about you. Excuses are everywhere, and you might even have a good reason to be late—but your “sorry” isn't an effective way to apologize for wasting someone's time.


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