The Trick to Creating More Confidence | Ep. 139

In this episode, Amy talks about all things CONFIDENCE! Where does it come from? Can we get more of it, and how do we hold onto it? Tune in to find out Amy's trick to lasting confidence that comes from within.

(1:46) What's the deal with confidence?

We need it, we want it, and we'd really like to know how to create MORE of it for ourselves. Confidence doesn't just appear one day on a whim, we have to first gain momentum towards it. Amy has an acronym for you today that will help you reverse-engineer your confidence today!

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(6:10) FOCUS Your Attention

The “F” stands for FOCUS. In order to F.L.I.P into confidence, you have to focus on ONE thing first. We can't fully commit to anything when we try to be all things. What is calling you? Decide to focus your attention in that area, and don't stray from it in order to tangibly begin building confidence.

(10:28) LAUNCH Forward

The “L” stands for LAUNCH. We already know there is never a perfect time—we just need to take a step forward. The steps you take add up to the confidence you're seeking. The only way to get confidence is to start—now—before you feel that confidence. Once you start, you gain the ability to speak from experience.

(14:49) Do the INNER WORK

The “I” stands for INNER WORK. In order to sustain confidence, you have to do the real work that connects you to your higher self. Fleeting confidence is surface-level, but lasting confidence comes from the inner work you do. The external acknowledgment you get from others will only go so far.

(22:34) PRACTICE

The “P” stands for PRACTICE. Confidence doesn't just happen once but is something you pick up a little bit at a time. The more you flex the muscle, the more confidence you build.

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