Find the Motivation to Consistently Win the Day | Ep. 138

In this episode, Amy dives into the details about how to consistently show up for yourself, stay motivated, and avoid the burnout that often comes with pursuing your goals!

(2:28) Mentality is EVERYTHING!

Around this time of year, we often really need a jumpstart for our motivation. Of course, we know it's not as easy as just wishing for a better mindset. (If only!) Today, we're unpacking how to actually find and KEEP the motivation you need to win the day.

(5:08) What's holding you back?

Amy breaks down some common roadblocks her audience experiences including sticking to the right routine, having functional and versatile systems for success, procrastination, dealing with negativity, wanting quick results, having too many ideas, and comparison culture.

(10:39) The BETTER alternative to “just think positive!”

Amy debunks the idea that “positive thinking” is the solution to the obstacles listed above, and offers an alternative that is far more effective. While positivity is a valuable thing, it's not helpful to us when it's inauthentic or manufactured.

When you are convicted of your beliefs, you know the truth of the beliefs you subscribe to even when you feel negative.

(15:37) The truth about how to really get motivation

Amy shares a game-changing truth about motivation and how we can really obtain it. When you make this mental shift in how you expect motivation, your results will transform dramatically!

(19:33) Finding the identity that will propel you forward

Your identity is not who you are today, it's the future YOU that you can't wait to fall in love with. When you place your focus on this identity, you start to become that person in the NOW.

(27:35) Practical strategies to find motivation

Amy shares some of her favorite practical ways to practice strengthening her identity, rerouting your mindset, and changing negative thought patterns.

(30:07) Spend less time around negativity

Negativity can be hard to escape, but we can always try to control the controllable. If you find that negativity comes from a certain person or group of people, you're allow to create space from them without cutting them out entirely if that's what's right for you.

(33:26) Get your momentum going

Amy shares that if you want motivation, you first must hype yourself up and take a small step forward. Once your momentum gets rolling, the motivation will come. The more you create that feeling for yourself, the more you will want to continue to seek it.

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