Amy’s Favorite Youtube Hacks to Grow Your Community | Ep. 137

In this episode, Amy sits down with her dear friend Chris Ducker to chat about all things Youtube strategy, growing your community, and the power of a morning routine!

(2:19) Is it too late to start my Youtube channel?

The short answer: nope! It all depends on your goal. It's never too late to start a conversation, grow your skillset, and find your online audience in video form. If your goal is to be the greatest Youtube star of all time, well, that's a different story…

(4:09) How do I jumpstart my channel if I tried Youtube before but now want to recommit?

Success starts with the simplest habits, a BIG one being uploading consistently. Not only will your audience learn to come hangout with you at the same time every week, but the Youtube algorithm will intuitively start bringing your audience to you. The more consistent you are, the more Youtube will take your content seriously.

(7:16) What SEO tactics should I use to draw attention to my channel?

Amy breaks down easy-to-understand SEO tactics that you can start using to gain traffic to your channel, from keywords and your title to your tags and description copy. Every bit of space is valuable! Amy explains how you can use each snippet of copy to boost your video.

(11:04) What makes a really great thumbnail?

Amy unpacks why your thumbnail is so essential to that split-second decision someone makes to watch your video. If you have the best video in the world but your thumbnail doesn't draw your audience in, the content of your video won't matter. Try to select an eye-catching portion of your video and add some copy to give the viewer context.

(13:52) What are the best practices for promoting a video?

The MOST important thing to do in the first 48 hours after publishing is to direct as many viewers as possible to that specific Youtube video link. Not only do your views matter, but if viewers stick around to watch even more videos that's even better! Amy shares some ideas for how to share that video across several platforms.

(20:43) How important are playlists on my channel?

Playlists can be fantastic for sharing more videos of similar content on your channel. Not only will that help retain your viewer's attention, but playlists have their own SEO value just like an individual Youtube video.

(22:13) Are Youtube collaborations still an effective way to grow?

Chris asks Amy about the tactic of collaborating with another Youtuber as a way to grow your audience. Ultimately, Amy advises that your growth comes down to the relationship with your audience. Collaborations can be effective, but at the end of the day it's about how well YOU connect to your viewers.

(25:28) How has your morning routine impacted your career?

Back before Amy worked full-time on Youtube (and eventually wrote a book about morning routines), her morning was dedicated time to start the day on her terms before going to her 9-to-5. That morning time—complete with movement, mindfulness, and mastery—ended up being the jumpstart to building her Youtube career and leaving her full-time job.

(27:30) The 5 Essential Habits of Good Morning, Good Life

Amy breaks down the 5 sections of her book, Good Morning, Good Life: decide, defy, rise, thrive, and shine. What do each of these pillars mean to your morning? How are they going to change the course of your day, your week, and ultimately—your life?

(30:56) What would you tell your past self about Youtube, knowing what you know now?

Amy shares a simple, profound truth that she would share with her past self before she began a career in Youtube!

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