5 Money Mindsets That Are Holding You Back | Ep. 136

Welcome back to Season 8 of Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy's debunking some major money mindsets that limit your success, and offers advice for how to change those conversations!

(1:57) Let's talk about MONEY!

Money is such a taboo topic, often approached with a hush-hush attitude. Let's commit to making it a conversation we consistently have, in order to break down the limiting beliefs that surround it. Here are 5 money mindsets we need to shift…

(4:30) #1 “I regret making that financial decision.”

Instead, try: “I learned from that financial decision, and I did the best I could at that time.”

Whether it was a loan, a splurge, or a frivolous spend—regret is not helping you out now. We're constantly followed by financial guilt trips, and all they do is weigh us down. If you made a mistake, own it and leave the shame behind.

You've learned from it, haven't you? Good. Now you can do the right thing going forward.

(9:34) #2 “As long as I make X amount of money, I'll be fine.”

Instead, try: “I am more than enough. I have more than enough.”

When we begin to strive solely for a number of dollars that gets us by, we're settling for the minimum. While it can be tempting to do so, we end up limiting ourselves with this mentality. You are not the minimum—you can desire more than enough.

(15:24) #3 “I feel bad whenever I spend money.”

Instead, try: “Money supports me in a positive way.”

Most of us don't really feel joyful whenever we hand over our credit cards, but you can change that by working to get on board with the things you're spending money on. If you truly, fully believe that your purchase is a necessary or meaningful one, you never have to “feel bad” about making it.

(25:56) #4 “The way ____ spends money isn't right.”

Instead, try: “I make the best financial decisions I can for me.”

You might be right. You might be wrong. But at the end of the day—does it matter? Whatever they're doing with their finances is 100% up to them, and your assessment isn't necessary (or helpful) to anyone. You do you. Let them do them.

(27:47) #5 “It's not fair that ____ has so much money.”

Instead, try: “The universe is showing me what's possible.”

See also, “People who have money are bad”. Take some time to unpack this emotional trigger. Why do you feel that way? Where does that feeling really come from? Consider that you don't know the whole story, and hold off on the criticism. At the end of the day, life really just isn't fair sometimes, and that's out of our control.

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