How to Detox from Negativity | Ep. 135

Welcome back to Season 8 of Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy's unpacking what we really need to do in order to release negativity from our lives and fuel positivity instead.

(1:43) Some thoughts on negativity…

Amy offers some insight as what life looks like for her lately, and what that means for the level of negativity in her life at the moment.

(7:11) Where does negativity come from?

Amy reminds us what it truly means to detox from negativity—and it isn't all about other people. There's all kinds of sources around us that could bring negativity into our lives (and one of them might just be ourselves!)

(8:08) Negativity & Stoicism

Amy uses an entry from Ryan Holiday's The Daily Stoic to further explain the roots of negativity. Spoiler Alert: It has a LOT to do with control. Rather than seeing the circumstances of life as disruptions, we must learn to focus on what we can control.

(12:01) When you're in the thick of negativity…

Amy explains the difference between “the zen philosopher” and “the Stoic philosopher”. Even the Stoics recognize that it can easy to be positive when you're in zen mode all by yourself—but how do we harness that same stability in the hustle of life?

(13:36) “Perfect conditions” are a myth.

Amy challenges you to focus on circumstances within your control. While external conditions undoubtedly impact us, we can always control our mind and practice the ability to align our perspective.

(16:25) It starts with YOU!

Amy gets real about the cause of negativity, and shares what you can do to root it out and better protect your peace. Plus, she offers a pro-tip for how to practice for negativity before it comes your way!

(18:04) You are enough.

As you work to decrease negativity in your life, always remember this: you are enough. In order to have more positivity in our lives, we must have gratitude for who we are and what we have now.

(19:37) Break the negativity habit—for good!

If you're finding yourself stuck in habitual negativity—know that you are capable of breaking that habit. You CAN learn to respond rather than react. It's all within your power. (Remember to give yourself grace along the way!)

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