10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Social Media Following | Ep. 134

Welcome back to Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy breaks down some reasons why you might not have the social media following you're hoping for.

(2:05) Let's talk social media…

SPOILER ALERT: This isn't about growth-hacking. This is about how you share WHO you are and WHAT you do best in a way that attracts your community!

Today, we're chatting about how to truly reach people, discover your tribe of followers, and get rid of the roadblocks in your path.

(3:56) #0 You're not interested in growing a following

If that's you, that's okay!

Keep in mind that there are plenty of amazing things you can do with a community at your side, even if you aren't aiming to have a large following. The more people you connect with, the more opportunities for growth you surround yourself with—both personally and professionally.

(4:54) #1 You're afraid of the people close to you seeing what you share

It can feel uncomfortable to share your passion when you know that the people who know you best will be seeing it. What if it's not what they expect? What if you don't want your current boss to know you're building a side hustle? Totally understandable. Here's how to deal with it.

(10:52) #2 Your content is not aligned with your calling

Social media can become a drag—and quick—if your ‘why' is not the center of it. If you do not know what the purpose is, the content creation grind can become a drain rather than a vessel to share your message. Always start with why.

(12:42) #3 You're posting from a place of fear & imposter syndrome

When you try to please everyone, not ruffle any feathers, or hide your true values in your content—you risk people not connecting to you at all. Fight that imposter syndrome by getting your reps in and slowly your confidence will build.

(16:28) #4 You're a perfectionist (which makes you inconsistent…)

Repeat after me: done is BETTER than perfect. Always. The more quantity you put out, the better your quality gets. It doesn't matter how “perfect” your content is if it's becoming a time-suck and preventing you from getting the experience you need.

Pro-Tip: Lower-quality content often performs well because of the REALNESS it brings to the table. Give yourself the freedom to be unfiltered and you'll notice how your content reflects relatability.

(20:22) #5 You aren't paying attention to those first followers

No matter how many followers you have now, many of your first few followers could end up being your most loyal followers in for the long-haul. Fight the urge to believe they are just a drop in the bucket—each and every one matters. Don't forget about those ride or dies!

(23:40) #6 You're trying to be someone else…

I'm all about creating a new version of you, but let's not let it be entirely based on someone ELSE, m'kay? You are YOU, and if you tap into that authenticity you will be golden. Be more like yourself rather than trying to be more like them.

(25:10) #7 You're too restrictive to a particular niche

A niche can be helpful to a POINT. If you are staying aligned with your purpose and delivering your best work, embrace the pivot when you feel like you need to. Try new things and see what happens.

(26:59) #8 You're trying to grow on too many platforms

Amy shares her thoughts on the notion that you “need” to be on every social platform in order to be successful. If you spread yourself too thin, nothing will be of value. Focus your momentum on less platforms and learn the landscape first.

(30:31) #9 You don't know what you want

If you don't know what you want, your work will feel purposeless. The goal is to feel compelled to come together with your community, not to feel obligated for just another post. Not really sure what you want? Check out Ep. 132 How to Figure Out What You Want!

(32:01) #10 You are not posting from your heart

This is everything to your success on social media. The only way to do this is to begin embracing your fully-expressed self. When you do so, the right people will find you. Fear will subside. Connection will grow.

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