5 Small Changes to Stop Self-Doubt | Ep. 133

Welcome back to Season 8 of Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy breaks down the origins self-doubt & how to stop it from holding you back from the life you want. 

(2:15) What's the deal with self-doubt?

Amy breaks down the cause and effect of self-doubt. Once you are able to acknowledge where in your life self-doubt comes into play, you can start to dismantle it's power rather than being paralyzed by it's presence.

(6:17) #1 Begin noticing resistance.

Turn your “I can't…” into an “I must!”.

First, Amy challenges you to begin noticing when you feel resistance—not as a sign that you “should” or “shouldn't” be doing that thing, but as an observational tool. Why am I distancing myself from this experience? Am I missing out on something extraordinary because I feel that “I can't” accomplish it?

(11:56) #2 Let negativity exist without adopting it as your own.

Their story is not your story.

Negativity is everywhere. When someone starts to bring negativity into your day, rather than trying to control it, contain it, or resist it—let their story be their story, not yours. Protect your peace by leaving them to their own limiting beliefs.

(16:11) #3 Identify the shame that is keeping you from what you're called to do.

Shame does not create change.

Let's say it again: shame doe not create change. Never has, never will. Carrying shame and guilt with us only holds us back. It is, of course, also part of being a human. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is commit to working through it, so it won't paralyze you.

A guilt-trip is just a guilt-trip, until shame enters the picture. When we learn to recognize and sit in those uncomfortable feelings, we can overcome them.

(21:57) #4 Spend less time worrying about the ‘how' and focus on the vision.

The “how” is not the key. Belief in yourself is.

We often believe we feel insecure because we don't know how to do something perfectly. Yet, our technological world gives us the ability to know the “how to” for just about anything. Ultimately, knowing the “how” doesn't negate self-doubt. What you need to focus on is the clarity of your VISION.

(27:36) #5 You are already enough.

Not because of what you've done in your career, or the boxes you've checked, or the mistakes you've avoided. You are already more than enough. Even when you're going one step forward and two steps back. Even when you don't feel “impressive”. You are already enough.

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