How to Figure Out What You Want | Ep. 132

In the first episode of Season 8, Amy is unpacking what it really looks like to GATLUW (Go After the Life U Want!), how to get in tune with your desires, and dealing with comparison or jealousy along the way.

(2:14) Unpacking what it means to GATLUW

Amy takes us back to the basics of Going After the Life U Want. What does it mean? How do you do it on a daily basis? What happens when obstacles get in the way?

(7:28) Tune out the noise so you can do YOU.

If we try to live our lives based on the voices around us or the highlight reels we see on social media—we're not doing it right. Amy reminds us that everyone else's timeline is not yours. Turn down that noise and focus on your inner desires, your gut instincts, and what you really want.

(11:32) When you DON'T know what you want…

When you don't know what you're going after, Amy offers insight on how to translate your WHY into the force that drives you in the day-to-day. That vision will ultimately inform all your actions, your decisions, your routines—you name it. Remember: the goal is not to know it all, but simply know what direction you're headed in.

(14:30) Getting to the core of limiting tendencies

Amy dives into negative tendencies that hold us back, starting with comparison. Rather than trying to completely rid ourselves of this habit, we can reframe it to serve us rather than stifle us. Take the judgment out of the equation and approach that feeling with curiosity.

(21:10) Making productive space for jealousy

Amy offers advice on how you can create space for jealousy, without letting it overrun your mindset. Amy explains the practice of a “jealousy journal”, and how it can help you overcome those icky feelings.

(24:47) What do you wish was different?

Rather than dwelling on what you're wishing for, use that energy to go after it. Flip the negative mentality of “I wish I wasn't…” or “I wish I didn't…” into a positive wish. By simply shifting your mentality, you'll give yourself a head start on your vision.

(26:59) Don't settle when it comes to your dreams.

Amy shares a story about how she refused to settle for one of her dreams, even when there were other options that she could have chosen instead. Rather than settling for the easy or quick-fix, put in the work and the time to get the real-deal of your dream (it'll be worth it!).

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