10 Questions to Reflect on 2021 & Prep for 2022 | Ep. 131

In this episode, Amy leads you through a 10-question reflection on 2021 in order to prep for a stellar 2022!

(1:36) #1 “What are you most proud of?”

First, what successes have you had that you can celebrate? As hard as it is, throw out that negativity bias for a moment and sincerely consider what went right. Secondly, once you give yourself that credit pinpoint what you did to get there.

(3:13) #2 “When did you have the most fun?”

We get such tunnel-vision with the stressors of daily life, pursuing the next achievement, and keeping our heads above water that we forget to acknowledge what we actually enjoy doing. What do you truly enjoy spending time on? If this thing is something you'd consider a “guilty pleasure”, then take the guilt out of it. If it brought you true joy, it was worth doing.

(5:54) #3 “Where did you fail?”

We all fail fairly consistently, and that's okay. Often we point to external circumstances, and sometimes that's accurate, but sometimes we just fell short. Rather than fighting failure with excuses or coming down on yourself too hard, simply acknowledge it for what it is. Reflect objectively, instead of with judgment. Most of all, remember that failure is a sign of the fact that you tried.

(8:47) #4 “Did your theme for 2021 ring true?”

If you picked a word of the year, an intention, or an overarching goal to pursue: did it happen? When you pick a theme to focus on throughout the year, you align your mind and actions. Think back on what your theme was at the start of the year and whether your biggest wins for 2021 fell in line with that intention.

(14:11) #5 “What lessons did you learn that you can take into the new year?”

We all hate the word “regrets”, but we also all have them to some extent. Without stewing on them, acknowledge what those lessons are and how you will act differently in the future. Once you know better, you need to do better. Again, no guilt here—just honest reflection that will propel you forward.

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(17:58) #6 “Where do you wish you spent more time?”

This question is a great one to revisit often—as often as at the end of every day. There are always places where we unintentionally waste time. Why not weed out those mishaps as much as possible, both in the big picture and the day-to-day?

Plus, when you start seeing the same thing come up that you wish you were doing more, it's a clear indicator that it's an important thing to pursue for you. If it's at the front of your brain, put it at the front of your calendar.

(21:20) #7 “What do you want to start doing?”

Now that we've reflected, it's time to look forward to 2022! What are some very specific, very focused things you want to begin in the new year? Remember to make small asks of yourself that are attainable in your daily life. The more focused, the better.

(23:34) #8 “What do you want to stop doing?”

Reference your list of lessons learned and failures from the year for this one. Some things just aren't worth doing at all ever, or maybe they just aren't worth doing anymore as your life has changed. Whether these are bad habits, unnecessary efforts, or things that cost you your peace—get rid of 'em! (Plus, try my go-to trick for quitting habits!)

(26:19) #9 “What do you want to continue doing?”

Give yourself some credit! Even if 2021 had its missteps, I'm fairly certain there were some things that you did right and likely want to continue doing. What were the things that moved you closer to your goals? What new habits are working for you? Keep those up in 2022!

(29:13) #10 “What theme for 2022 is going to help you go after the life you want?”

Now here's the fun part! Choose your theme for 2022, based on how your life and priorities may have changed. What is most important to you as you go into the next year? Get clear on the vision you have before you assign goals and habits to it. Know what your big focus is that's going to drive you forward.

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