I’m Pregnant!!!?? Life Update & Q&A | Ep. 130

SURPRISE! In this episode, Amy's answering questions about her pregnancy, what's in store for AmyTV going forward, and more about #BambinaLandino! 

(1:48) Big life update! Let me fill you in…

First, Amy wants to acknowledge those who are still waiting to hear their joyful news. If this episode doesn't come at a good time for you, feel free to skip this one. You have all her love and support!

Amy then walks you through the timeline of her and Vincenzo's story leading up to the positive test. As if selling a house, buying a house, and moving to Florida weren't enough big life changes…baby is on the way!

(2:49) Amy & Vincenzo's story

Amy goes into more detail about her and her husband's journey from deciding to have children, trying to get pregnant, and when they got their positive test.

(9:00) Pregnancy Update! It's a….

Amy talks about staying safe during her pregnancy and chats about her symptoms, exhaustion, and how the 2nd trimester is treating her!

The next surprise….it's a girl!

(11:03) What are your cravings?

Amy answers one of the most popular questions about her pregnancy: the CRAVINGS (or lack thereof!).

(13:21) How are you handling unsolicited advice?

Amy gives her honest thoughts on unsolicited advice and how she prepared for it before announcing her pregnancy to the internet. Shout out to the GATLUW community for being so gracious, kind, and supportive in their comments!

Amy does want to know what parenting books have helped you in the past, so be sure to head to Instagram to leave your favorite recommendations!

(18:07) How many kids do you want?

Amy highlights her gratitude for the pregnancy she has now and shares her thoughts on potential future children.

(18:53) How was your first trimester?

Amy dives into the highs and lows of her first trimester and gives the details on how she's taking care of her health and fueling her body throughout all the changes.

(21:41) Do you still drink coffee?

The classic caffeine question! Amy gives an update on her morning coffee ritual and how that's changed during the past few months.

(22:46) Did getting more sleep help you get pregnant?

Amy gives insight on how quitting her morning routine and making some intentional lifestyle changes helped lessen her stress and prepare her body for pregnancy. Spoiler Alert: Sleep matters.

(28:21) How do you keep your energy up?

Amy shares advice on how to navigate the exhaustion and lack of energy that can come with pregnancy. It's all about listening to your body, having self-awareness, and giving yourself grace! (Think “taking a power nap on the floor at the office” type of grace.)

(31:27) So…what's in store for AmyTV?

Amy ends on a reflective note by assuring you that AmyTV will live on with ALL the goodness you love (just with a new member behind the scenes). This big change will undoubtedly influence Amy's perspective and life experience, and the vision stays the same: to help you go after the life you want!

(35:31) What do you want to know?

Amy invites you to share any of your thoughts or ideas regarding this new chapter! Do you have something you'd really love to see from Amy going forward? Let her know in the comments below or on Instagram!

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