Balancing Work & Life as a Couple in Business with the Founders of Planthropy | Ep. 129

This episode is a Common Goal and Detail Therapy crossover where Amy & Vincenzo are joined by Jessie & Michael of Planthropy! They chat about being a couple in a creative business, how they began their business and relationship, & their common goal in life. 

(3:28) Meet the Founders of Planthropy!

Meet Jessie and Michael, the “plant people” behind Planthropy! They are true lovers of nature, the outdoors, exploring and bringing green to spaces. They create with not only living plants, but a variety of preserved plants, moss, and other custom-made earthy elements.

With Jessie’s background in Graphic Design and passion for nature and Michael’s extensive background in landscape design, they had the perfect recipe for creative interior design.

(4:02) How did you start working together?

Amy asks the couple how they first met and began working together. Michael takes us to the beginning of their story, back when he and Jessie had separate plant businesses. After noticing how complementary their endeavors were, Planthropy was born!

(5:39) Defining “plant person” & the origins of Planthropy

Vincenzo asks Jessie and Michael to clarify what it means to be a “plant person”, and how that persona impacts the work they do on the daily. Michael walks us through how the creative concept of Planthropy began, and Jessie details the scope and style of the work they do today.

(8:28) Planthropy: Now VS Then

Amy asks Jessie to elaborate on what Planthropy was like when it was her solo social media endeavor, and how it grew into plant design, large artistic installments, and workshops. Jessie reveals what the majority of their work centers on, and the two major categories of their work.

(12:30) Finding inspiration while leveraging location

Michael goes into further detail on where his initial inspiration comes from, where he continues to look for new ideas, and the challenges that come in different climates. They also discuss the business advantage to being located in Columbus, Ohio.

(17:14) Becoming partners in life and business

Amy asks how the Jessie and Michael first became a couple. Vincenzo discusses how this progression was very similar to his and Amy's relationship! Jessie and Michael talk about how they maintain a work/life balance, complement each other's skillset, and hold boundaries with work.

(27:19) What is most important when you spend time together?

Jessie & Michael talk about what they do to unwind, spend time in nature, and enjoy life together outside of their work.

(29:09) How to argue better in life + business

Amy asks how the couple navigates disagreements. Jessie notes that when you remember that you have a common goal, disagreements become much less emotionally charged. Vincenzo comments on how to have a healthy mindset with “arguing”.

(33:53) What's your vision for Planthropy?

Michael expands on what their hopes are for Planthropy in the future, and how their vision changes daily. Jessie speaks to how biophilic design is permeating our culture and the benefits of connecting with nature more in your workplace.

(41:46) Find Jessie & Michael on social!

You can connect with Jessie and Michael of Planthropy at and on Instagram!

(44:33) How will you know once you've reached your Common Goal?

Michael and Jessie talk about the long-term goal of their business that would indicate they've reached final fulfillment in their business.

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