How to Stop Wasting Time | Ep. 128

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy gets real about all the ways you can stop wasting time. From scheduling to mindset shifts, there's a whole lot of time-management goodness in this episode!

(2:30) Tip #1: Reframe what you HAVE to do

Amy reminds us that gratitude DOES have a place in your to do list. By replacing “I have to…” with “I get to…”, you orient your mind toward abundance. Even the small, mundane tasks are bringing you further to your goals. You get to wake up today and do it all again–what a gift that is.

(5:00) Tip #2: Get excited about the GOAL

All the baby steps you take should be getting you closer to a certain vision. Let yourself tap into that excitement to remind yourself WHY you're doing what you're doing. If you can't get yourself excited about your goal, then it might be time to revisit it in the first place.

(6:34) Tip #3: Track your time

Amy challenges you to uphold time management with a calendar. To do lists are great, but until something is scheduled–it's just not getting done. How much time do you really have? What really needs to be done by you? When you apply your to do's to a schedule, those answers will become clear.

Your best work needs to be done by YOU. Figure out what that is and where those pockets of time are.

(10:25) Tip #4: Always schedule room for error

Amy answers a commonly asked question, “What do I do when life just happens?“. There will always be times when things come up, plans don't go the way you hoped, someone cancels on you, etc. By giving yourself a little flexibility in your day, you'll be prepared when things just don't go your way.

(14:06) Tip #5: Do activities that energize you

You know the things that give you energy and make you feel in your element. Sometimes we assume these things are a waste of time, when they are actually the ESSENTIALS we need for creativity, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

(15:04) Tip #6: Make time for you.

Amy has a request for you today: make time for you. Whatever it is that you need to make you feel happier and more refreshed–do that thing. Schedule it regularly. You deserve it!

What do you wish you had time for? That thing is just as important as every other expectation you have on your list.

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