How Amy Found Her Zone of Genius feat. Brett Kaufman | Ep. 126

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy flips the script and taking seat as the interviewee! One of her previous Detail Therapy guests, Brett Kaufman, interviews her on her childhood, discovering her purpose, and more!

Introducing Brett Kaufman!

Brett is a speaker, writer, coach, and advisor to founders and startups. He’s dedicated to doing the personal & transformational work that allows us to live with more mental and physical freedom. He’s the founder and CEO of Kaufman Development with a focus on charitable initiatives. Check out his Instagram here!

(3:18) Throwing it back to Amy's childhood

Amy opens up about her childhood and the familial relationships that formed her. Amy shares about a decision she made at a young age that greatly influenced her life and assesses both the positive and negative effects it had.

(7:44) Learning to navigate friendships

Amy further explains both the positive and negative effects that decision had on her, and how it influenced her approach to friendships in elementary and middle school. Amy asked herself questions like, “What does it mean to be a good friend?”

(11:05) On trying to find your “thing”

Amy emphasizes how her skillsets have given her the ability to do the more performative work in her career like public speaking, filming videos, and conducting live events. Amy also talks about her journey in trying to figure out her “thing” when she didn't feel she initially had a clear passion to pursue.

(15:16) Offering value in work and life

Amy offers her thoughts on why she gets so excited to create content and how that feeling has influenced her in other areas of life. Not only does providing value relate to the work you do, but also the relationships you encounter.

(16:49) Finding purpose, passion, and more!

Amy shares how she discovered her purpose, which is grounded in being a connector. By connecting people to ideas and connecting people to each other, she can help people better their lives on a profound level.

Nugget of wisdom: “You can make something for one person, and still affect the many.”

(24:34) Focusing on the “WHY” instead of the “HOW”

Amy reflects on the last year of her health journey and how it relates to her tendencies of thinking and feeling. By focusing too much on the “How”, you set yourself up to crave consistent control. By focusing on the “Why”, you can have sustainable success.

As you thoughtfully let go of control, you gain freedom.

(30:08) The ever-changing landscape of social media

Amy gives her thoughts on how social media has changed not only in the platforms we use, but in our behavior as well. With over a decade of experience in media, Amy shares her perspective on why certain platforms are so valuable to users and how to know your audience.

(35:22) Something the viewers might not know…

Amy reveals a little fun fact about her interests and favorite TV show that you might not know! Spoiler Alert: Amy DOES indeed watch Netflix.

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