Practice This Skill & You’ll Make Anything Happen | Ep. 125

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy dives into the skill that will consistently get you closer to success if you have the discipline to practice it daily.

(3:19) Motivational book recco!

Amy recalls Tony Robbins' book “Awaken the Giant Within”, how it can give you the motivational kick in the butt you need, and Robbins' advice for the biggest stumbling block to avoid.

(6:27) The decision that changed Amy's life

Amy shares a story about the skill that radically transformed her life and her career. Once you figure out what your “why” is, you're able to actually take the leap.

(8:54) Change your “If…” into a “When”

When your vision is truly something that truly motivates you, it's never a matter of “IF I make it happen…” but “WHEN I make it happen…”. You don't have to know how you're going to do it all, but you can set yourself up for success beforehand.

(10:46) Having a VISION leads to decisions

Amy reminds you that while it's valuable to focus on HOW we're going to do something, we cannot lose sight of the vision. When you are making a decision to pursue something, you will figure out the HOW along the way if you let your vision guide you.

(12:30) Practice THIS skill as you pursue success!

Amy encourages you to flex the muscle of decision-making in order to make anything happen in your life. By being focused and decisive, we instantly become more effective.

(14:47) Action starts with ONE thing.

Decision-making needs to be followed immediately by action, whether small or big. By acting upon your decision, you demonstrate to yourself what you are willing to do to make your vision happen. Reserve a URL, make a phone call, hire a coach, start your brainstorm!

(15:59) What's working? What's not?

Amy talks about how you WILL encounter obstacles, but those obstacles are not a sign you should give up. Figure out what has been working for you and what hasn't in order to avoid self-inflicted failure.

(18:28) Pivot until your vision is REALITY.

The goal is not to do everything according to plan. The goal is to make your vision happen, and that will likely require adapting over and over again until it results in what you really want.

(19:55) Decision-making as a daily discipline

Amy motivates you to begin the decision-making process in your daily life with the small decisions. The more you flex the muscle, the better your big moves will be.

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