How to Stop Being TOO BUSY | Ep. 124

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy talks “busy-ness”, why it's easy to fall into, and how to prevent that vicious cycle from consuming your life.

(2:39) When you are busy with everything, you master nothing.

Amy reflects on the truth behind “busy-ness”, while acknowledging why it's so hard NOT to be busy. Staying in motion and completing task after task feels safe and purposeful, even if it's not fulfilling.

(4:23) Break the cycle of busy-ness

Amy asks you to consider what is contributing to your busy life. Are these things that you have to do, or can you drop them off your plate? Why do you continue to stick with them?

(5:02) Feeling stuck? Here's what to do.

Amy shares a story about when she was first told, “You are never stuck.” Often we are stuck only in a self-inflicted mentality. Once you drop that mindset, there are always other options to pursue.

(6:01) The reason WHY we keep busy…

Amy offers insight on the true reason we keep ourselves busy. Especially in the landscape of the pandemic, being busy was the easy thing to do when it felt like there would be no end to this season.

(7:44) Pivot from “busy” to living the life you want!

Amy reminds us that in order to live the life you want, you have to let go of the things you think you “should” do. There will always be some tasks you don't love to do, but those things must not consume your life.

Are you giving too much of yourself away in the hope of receiving validation in return? Figure out what really excites you, and step off the hamster wheel to go get it.

(9:40) Slowing down is scary, but worth it.

When you slow down, your priorities become clearer. Let all the objects in motion pause, and see what really matters when the dust settles. Find the vision that drives you to purposeful action rather than empty tasks.

(11:27) Visualize excitement and let it drive you forward.

You have the ability to choose. Choose to visualize the life you want every day, despite the outside circumstances. There will always be temptation to give in to busy-ness, but when you have something that truly motivates you it's easier to tune out the chaos.

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