What It Takes to Build a Super Fanbase | Ep. 123

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy talks about what it takes to truly grab the continued attention of your audience, whether that's followers on Instagram or your boss when you're asking for a raise.

(0:43) I see you and appreciate you!

Amy wants to give you a little acknowledgment today, in case no one else has (because you deserve it!) Thank you for being here! Give yourself credit for taking steps to better yourself each day, even if those steps aren't perfect.

(2:38) A ‘fanbase' can mean many different things...

Amy explains why obtaining a fanbase doesn't always mean having millions of followers. When you go after the life you want, you need to be able to hold people's attention. This skill will help you whether you're building a business, hustling on the job search, or trying to win over your boss.

(4:08) What does Netflix have to do with this?

Amy uses an analogy to explain the psychology of attention. If you've ever tried to start watching a popular show, not loved it, and then had a friend tell you “You just HAVE to watch until [Insert Season, Insert Episode]!” you'll relate to this.

(7:20) Take stock of how much time you're asking for.

Amy shares her frustration with this common conversation about streaming platforms and relates it to your own fanbase. If you're asking your audience to invest time in watching you, make it worth their while.

(8:56) Creating a fandom takes two key actions.

Amy reminds us that to be a super-fan means to be emotionally invested in someone or something. She offers insight on what you might be missing if your fanbase isn't showing up when you expect them to.

(9:57) It starts with YOU!

Amy challenges you to take ownership of what you might be doing (or not doing) that isn't drawing the attention you're hoping for. Instead of deflecting, pinpoint what you could be doing differently to boost your success.

(11:24) Be WORTH the attention you're asking for.

By showing up consistently with value, you will demonstrate that you care about the people whose attention you're requesting. If you make this a habit, you give your audience a good reason to be committed to you.

(12:13) Leave excuses behind and pursue staying power.

Amy invites you to let go of excuses and the desire for perfection to instead focus on how you want to make your audience feel. Remind your fandom who you are and why they should care in the long-run.

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