Ask Yourself This Question If It’s Time to Change | Ep. 122

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy embraces change and encourages you to do the same. If what you've been doing in the past isn't working for you anymore, let those expectations go and ask this question instead.

(0:26) Welcome back, and thank you!

Amy is back from vacay and ready to dive back into Detail Therapy! Thank you for your grace in sticking around during summer break and your continued enthusiasm!

(2:06) Vacation, life updates, and taking a break.

Amy talks her month-long vacation in Italy, selling her house, and her latest video about bouncing back to work after time off.

(4:47) What Season 7 will look like . . .

Amy updates on how Detail Therapy will become more one-on-one, more conversational, and be uploaded more often! Head to @detailspodcast on Instagram to share your ideas and feedback. Let's chat!

(7:48) ‘People don't change'. Or do they?

Amy shares how her perspective has shifted on the saying “People don't change”. She asks you to consider what would happen if you started to believe that change is possible in your life.

(11:04) When change challenges you, ask THIS question.

Amy puts a spin on the classic question, “What do you want to be when you grown up?” as a reminder of your ability to continually grow. When what you've BEEN doing stops working for you, recognize that the standards you once held yourself to are not meant to last indefinitely.

(14:17) How to find the balance you're craving. . .

Amy offers insight on what you're often seeking when you say you need “balance“. When being attentive to the shifts in your life, you must also be mindful about communicating those needs to others.

(16:07) You are allowed to change.

Amy reminds you that you always reserve the right to change your mind, move forward, and not follow the rules of yesterday.

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