The Best Time of Day to Manifest Your Dreams SEASON FINALE | Ep. 121

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy is closing out Season 6! Let's look back at the amazing conversations we've had this season and even discuss some of your favorite moments! Amy is going to give us insight as to when is the best time of day for manifesting the life U want!

(3:00) Amy is taking a Summer break!

Amy is taking the Summer off from recording Detail Therapy for her own personal reasons. We all know that the body and mind need a break from time to time, so Amy is going to do some healing during this break. Keep an eye out for updates about season 7!

(4:30) Take THIS with you into Summer…

Before your head into Summer, here is something you need to hear. Amy has been reading a book called “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer which is about manifestation and spirituality. This book has been very inspirational and mind-opening for her. Amy then asks this question: what is the most important part of your day? You'd be surprised with the answer…

(8:50) The BEST time to manifest your dreams!

What are you thinking about before your fall asleep? Amy reads excerpts from the book and breaks down when is the best time to think about the life U want in a positive and dreamy light. This process is going to help you focus on positivity so you can wake up and take on your dreams with the best mindset. If you want to get your own copy of this book check out this link.

(14:00) Why do you GATLUW?

The wonderful guests from seasons 5 & 6 answer the question: Why do you go after the life U want? You will hear from Michelle Barnes, Erika Cruz, Aileen Xu, Natalie Sisson, Mark Schaefer, Jessica Zweig, and Ashley Stahl.

(17:15) Season 6! That's a wrap!

Thanks so much for joining us for a 6th season of Detail Therapy! Season 7 is going to new and improved, maybe even more frequent? Make sure you share your thoughts with us on Instagram @detailspodcast!

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