10 Excuses That Keep You From Success | Ep. 113

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy is going to call you out on your excuses that are keeping you from your success. Get ready for major motivation to help you dispose of the rationalizations that you've created to hold yourself back!

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(4:10) “I don't have enough time

How many things do you have in your life and schedule that are bringing you fulfillment? It's okay to identify things you don't want to do and set boundaries if something isn't right for you. We all have the same amount of time in the day, so no one is buying that you don't have enough of it! Get real about keeping track of what is taking up your time.

(10:08) “I don't have the right background

Background has little to do with your success once you find what you're passionate about. Passion is what is going to lead you to being successful in going after the life that you want.

(11:57) “I don't have the support

Most people aren't going to support you because they are immersed in their own lives. The people closest to your are probably trying to look out for you and don't want to see you hurt. But risk is what is going to bring you reward. Don't let other people's opinions on what you should be doing distract you from your path.

(15:50) “I can never get to that level

It may seem like someone's success is so unreachable, but it is important to visualize yourself at that level through meditation, visualization, journaling, etc.

(18:40) “I'm not lucky enough

Generalizing someone else's success as luck is you telling yourself that you will never get there. Waiting for something to happen to you is not going to bring you the success you desire. Change the conversation in your head and out loud to talk about how people worked hard or paved the way for their work. Often times, someone paving the way is going to help you with your path.

(22:03) “I can't stay motivated

Are you trying to stay motivated on something you actually care about? Is this something you would passionate about if you weren't being paid to do it? You can't stay motivated on something if it is not the right thing for you. If you are struggling to stay motivated about your passion, try to hone in on your why and your cause.

(25:22) “I'm afraid to fail

Let's be honest, we ALL are afraid to fail. Failure is often times a thing that resets your mind and lets you change for the better. You will always learn a lesson from your mistakes and won't make them again. Use your failures as a turning point for your life and your mission.

(27:40) “I'm not ready

When you tell yourself you are not ready, you are giving yourself permission to not even step up to the starting line. No one is going to hold your hand and get you to where you want to be. There is NEVER going to be a point where you are going to be completely ready and everything will be in the right place. You need to take those steps to make it work for you. Readiness just means willingness to start your training.

(29:51) “I didn't start early enough… I'm too late

We can't measure ourselves against anyone else. Everyone's journey is different. You just need to move forward and do the work. You don't have to be the first to do something to be the best. The only question you need to ask yourself is what you want to be #1 at.

(32:55) “I have no money

We need to overcome the scarcity mindset. We need to start being comfortable asking for help and spending money (within our budgets) to advance our brands and businesses. Hiring or spending money to help your company is in the end going to help build your business and let you focus on the tasks only you can do.

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