How to Build an Audience | Ep. 109

Whether you want to become a coach, a business-owner, a blogger, or all three, building an audience is essential to monetizing. In this episode of the podcast, Amy (along with other panelists on Clubhouse) discuss how to build an audience for your brand.

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Guests in this episode:

This panel included:

  • Amy Landino – on YouTube audiences
  • Alex Lieberman – on newsletter audiences
  • Sahil Bloom – on Twitter audiences
  • Shaan Puri – on podcast audiences

Why build an audience? (8:44)

While having an audience may seem unnecessary, it's important to remember that you need an audience to sell your course, monetize your content, or grow your business.

(13:00) Puri mentioned that he thinks of his audience like a stem cell. It has all this potential, because while it can do nothing, it can turn into any of kind of cell you need.

Audience growth isn't always linear (18:30)

(18:36) Many people talk about, or want to be, an overnight success, but for Amy it was more of a 10 year success.

(19:14) Sometimes it is essential to pivot your content. For Amy, this helped her to experience a large amount of growth.

Growth strategies that work (20:14)

(20:23) Differentiation is a huge key in growing an audience. It's important to make your content stand out to catch people's attention.

(27:31) Thinking of how to post content in non-typical ways is important. Instead of blogging on a website, try blogging on a specific social media platform.

What you should make content about (31:32)

(31:45) It's important to make content about the things you love, but make it in a way that gets people's attention. You need to find a balance between making content that you want to make while also making sure you listen to feedback and implement change based on the stats and feedback that you are seeing.

(33:27) One thing that you can do to see what videos people are watching and what topics are getting attention is to go to your YouTube homepage and see what YouTube is recommending to you. This can guide you in what videos similar to yours are doing well.

Listen to your audience (36:41)

(37:02) Sometimes the data isn't always in the analytics dashboard- It's in the comments section.

(39:12) You have to be able to interpret the information that you get from your audience. When you get feedback from your audience, you should always ask “why” questions to go deeper and really find out why they gave the feedback that they did and how you can use that feedback moving forward.

Monetizing your audience (42:45)

(43:40) Monetizing your audience can happen in many different ways. Paid newsletters, products such as books and planners, Google AdSense, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing are some of the best ways to monetize your audience.

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