When to Take a Risk + more Q&A! | Ep. 108

In this episode of the podcast, Amy answers some of your questions and talks about the things that you are struggling with. From knowing when to take a risk, to working through personal tragedies, we talk about it all in this episode.

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Establishing a meaningful morning routine (4:09)

Morning routines are important because they set us off on the right foot for the day. If we don't have them, we can find ourselves scrambling and will walk into our days without clear intentions. Amy breaks down her full morning routine here, so check it out to see how she sets up her intentional morning routine!

(4:32) There should be 3 main pillars to a morning routine: movement, mindfulness, and mastery.

Toxic environments and personal tragedies (7:35)

The tragedies that happen in our lives are sometimes in our control. Other times they are not in our control at all.

(8:40) Sometimes the best thing to do is to absorb the tragedy, sit in it, and process through it rather than pretending it's not there.

(8:56) When it comes to toxic environments, try not to always be quick to label them as toxic environments. Sometimes you need to remove the label and take a step back.

(10:10) Take control of what you can and let go of what you can't.

Managing employees who don't respect you (18:56)

The topic of respect and gaining respect could go in so many different directions. It's important to look at this topic from all angles.

(19:45) You can't expect your employees to love your business as much as you do. You have to accept that, but you should still expect them to care about their job.

Finding the motivation to begin (23:18)

Even when you KNOW that the world needs what you want to create, it can still be challenging to begin!

(24:11) Just take a step. There will be so many times in your life when you don't want to take that first step, but it is so vital to do it anyways.

Keeping a good mindset working from home (27:29)

Working from home can take a toll on your mental health, your relationships, and so much more. It's important to find what works for you and give yourself grace as you adjust. Amy breaks this question down fully in her CreativeLive course.

(28:30) Identify if there is someone specific who is making working from home more challenging. It may be a spouse, a co-worker, or YOU. Have conversations with these people.

Going to sleep early to set yourself up for success (30:55)

A vital part to your morning routine is you night routine. Both can be equally as important.

(34:05) Try reverse engineering your bedtime based on how much sleep you want. Your body will thank you.

Upping your energy levels (34:38)

Energy levels can be affected by so many different factors. It's important to talk with a doctor to find out why you are struggling in this area.

(35:52) Whether you choose to try out celery juice, a different bedtime, or exercise, it's important to develop healthy habits that work for you.

Taking Risks (36:30)

Taking risks is a scary thing! Sometimes we tend to overthink these things.

(38:15) You have to ask yourself if what you're diving into could give you an irreversible negative outcome. It's up to you to find out whether the risk is worth it, or if it could cause major damage.

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