Morning Routines of a Married Entrepreneurial Couple | Ep. 107

How does marriage look as an entrepreneurial couple, and how can you do business side by side without going crazy? We’re diving in to answer these questions by beginning with talking through our morning routines as entrepreneurs together!

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(7:21) An exciting announcement

Before we jump into the morning routine talk, we wanted to let you know that Amy and Vincenzo will be launching a podcast on Entrepreneurial life as a married couple. The podcast is called “Common Goal” and will be happening in March! Follow Amy on Instagram to stay up-to-date on this new project.

(11:05) Working from home TOGETHER as a married couple

(14:05) When it comes to working at home together, sometimes you need to go so far as to re-arrange your office situation. Amy and Vincenzo had to set clear boundaries on who works where, or else it would have just been too overwhelming and full of work interruptions. Both of them do similar work that involves quiet for calls, bandwidth, and space to create, so it was important to find separate areas of the house for work.

With working from home also comes less travel. This means that couples like Amy and Vincenzo have had to adapt to being around each other a lot more and learning new rhythms.

(18:20) Amy's Morning Routine

Unlike Vincenzo, Amy is up very, very early. Like, 5:00 AM early. You can watch her full routine here, but we'll give you the gist…

She starts with lemon water and then goes for some celery juice. Next up is her daily reading from The Daily Stoic.

Some type of lighter movement always comes next, usually yoga or stretching.

(19:10) Vincenzo's Morning Routine

Amy's husband Vincenzo usually gets up around 7:30 am. She goes in and wakes him up if he isn't up already. She does this by laying right on top of him, of course. His love language is physical touch, so it's perfect.

(21:41) The Importance of Having Different Routines

While some might think that married couples should have the same morning routine or wake up at the same time, it can actually be beneficial to give each other space by having different routines. In Amy and Vincenzo's case, having those extra few hours of alone time before Vincenzo gets up gives Amy the chance to be the best version of herself for him that day. Whatever you choose to implement as your morning routine, make sure it works for YOU.

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